A hand with wearing a latex glove reaching for a test tube A hand with wearing a latex glove reaching for a test tube

Allow us to be an extension of your business

At Univar Solutions, our services are aligned to help you reach your goals. 

Whether you're looking to test your product in our state-of-the-art laboratories or you need assistance with your raw material evaluation process, we can help. We offer a full range of services that can help you generate higher margins, optimize your supply chain operations, and take advantage of growth opportunities.


Comprehensive services to match your goals

In 2008 we began our sustainability journey. Since then we have been working to increase the efficiency of our fleet and site operations. Currently, over 90% of our emissions come from just three sources: vehicle diesel, natural gas, and electricity use. Our strategy to reduce energy and emissions is organized into three primary categories:

  • Centering our attention on efficient technologies/equipment and renewable resources
  • Optimizing clean tools and creating efficiencies across operational practices
  • Increasing sustainability awareness and rewarding positive employee behavior