Metalworking Fluids
From straight oils to solution synthetics, we have an extensive line of components for your formulating needs
We offer one of the broadest surfactant portfolios for emulsification, wetting, and lubricity. Our product offering also includes solvents, oleo chemistry, and other specialty components for corrosion protection, microbial inhibition, extreme pressure performance, and more.

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    Neat Oils

    + Base oil
    • Naphthenic or paraffinic mineral oils
    • vegetable oils,
    • white mineral oils
    • fatty alcohols
    • PAO
    • OSP
    • water-insoluble PAGs 
    • Hynap® San Joaquin
    • Drakeol®Duoprime® Parol® Penreco
    • Calpar™ Calumet
    • Nexbase™
    • soy
    • canola
    • rapeseed
    • sunflower
    • safflower
    • Oleo
    + Coupling agents
    • Fatty alcohols
    • diesters
    • Oleo
    • Lexolube®
    • Lubricit™ Zschimmer & Schwarz
    • CO-series P&G
    + Viscosity modifiers
    • Mostly PIB
    • but may have high viscosity OSP
    • polymethacrylate derivatives 
    • TPC Group and Braskem
    + Lubricity
    • Extreme-pressure (EP) – chlorinated paraffins
    • chlorinated fatty acids
    • sulfurized esters
    • sulfurized fats
    • sulfurized olefins
    • phosphate esters
    • calcium sulfonates
    • molybdenum disulfide (dispersions)
    • Cereclor® Inovyn
    • Lubrhophos® Duraphos® Solvay
    • Hostaphat® Clariant
    • Climax
    • Boundary – simple esters
    • polyol esters
    • polymerized esters
    • synthetic or natural fats
    • vegetable oils/esters
    • tall oil fatty acids
    • distilled tall oils
    • Lexolube® Lubricit® Zschimmer & Schwarz
    • Hostagliss® Clariant
    • Sylfat® Sylvatal® Kraton
    + Corrosion protection/metal deactivation
    • Calcium sulfonates, phosphate esters, imidazolines, benzotriazole, tolyltriazole, mercaptobenthiazole, azole blends, oil-soluble amines
    • Hostacor® Hostaphat® Clariant, Lubrhophos® Solvay, Wintrol ® Wincom
    + Antifoams
    • Mostly silicone-based fluids, some polymethacrylates
    + Antioxidants
    • Mostly phenolic based
    • BHT Sasol, Doverphos® Dover
    + Oil-soluble dyes


    + Base oil (emulsions only)
    • Naphthenic or paraffinic mineral oils
    • vegetable oils
    • Hynap® San Joaquin
    • Drakeol®Duoprime®
    • Parol® Penreco
    • Calpar™ Calument
    • Nexbase™
    • soy
    • canola
    • rapeseed
    + Emulsifiers
    • Synthetic or natural sodium sulfonates, tall oil fatty acid or distilled tall oil amides, oleic acid amides, alcohol ethoxylates, alcohol alkoxylates, PEG esters, PIBSA, sorbitan esters, ether carboxylic acids
    • Emulsogen® Genapol® Clariant, Tergitol™ Triton™ Dow, Antarox®, Alkamuls® Rhodasurf® Solvay, Makon® Stepan, Sylfat® Sylvatol® Kraton, Ethylan® Nouryon, PIBSA
    + Coupling agents

    Fatty/carboxylic acids, glycols (propylene, hexylene, others), glycol ethers, glycerine

    + pH buffers/alkalinity

    Ethanolamines (MEA, DEA, TEA), isopropanol amines (MIPA, DIPA), diglycolamine (DGA), other amines like n-BAE (n-butylaminoethanol)

    + Lubricity
    • Extreme-pressure (EP) – chlorinated paraffins, chlorinated fatty acids, sulfurized esters, sulfurized fats, sulfurized olefins, phosphate esters, calcium sulfonates – all but phosphate esters used solely in emulsions
    • Cereclor® INOVYN, Lubrhophos® Duraphos® Solvay, Hostaphat® Clariant, Phosphetal™ Zschimmer & Schwarz
    • Boundary – simple esters, polyol esters (uncommon), polymerized esters, synthetic or natural fats, vegetable oils/esters, tall oil fatty acids, distilled tall oils, PAG (water-soluble or OSP), EO/PO block copolymers (true solution synthetics only)
    • Lexolube® Lubricit™ Zschimmer & Schwarz, Hostagliss® Clariant, UCON™ Dow, Sylfat® Sylvatal® Kraton, Rhodasurf® Solvay, Tergitol™ 17R2 and 17R4 Dow

    Lexolube® Lubricit™ Zschimmer & Schwarz, Hostagliss® Clariant, UCON™ Dow, Sylfat® Sylvatal® Kraton, Rhodasurf® Solvay, Tergitol™ 17R2 and 17R4 Dow

    + Wetting agents/dispersing agents
    • Alcohol ethoxylates, alcohol alkoxylates, EO/PO block copolymers
    • Alcosperse® Alcoguard® Nouryon, Genapol® Clariant, Tergitol™ Triton™ Dow, Alkamuls® Rhodasurf® Solvay, Ethylan® Nouryon, Surfonic® Indorama
    + Corrosion resistant/metal deactivation
    • Calcium sulfonates, phosphate esters, fatty acid salts of amines, benzotriazole, tolyltriazole, azole blends, specialty amines
    • Hostacor® Hostaphat® Clariant, Lubrophos® Rhodafac® Solvay, Wintrol® Wincom, SACI® Daubert, Antarox® Solvay
    + Biocides
    • EPA registered - phenols, triazine, morpholine and its derivatives, polymeric quaternary ammonium biocides, thiazolinones (BIT, MIT, CMIT, OIT), propiconazole derivatives, iodopropynyl butyl carbamate (IPBC), oxazolidine
    • BUSAN® Buckman, Onyxide® Stepan
    + Antifoams
    • Mostly organosiloxanes, some EO/PO block copolymers, some fatty acid salts of soda ash/caustic potash
    • Xiameter™ Dowsil™ Dow Silicones, Rhodaline® Solvay, SUPPRESSOR® Hydrite
    + Water-soluble dyes
    + Water

    Metal Treating - Cleaning, De-rusting, Pickling, Corrosion Prevention, Surface Treatment

    As a formulator of various fluids used for treating metals, you can rely upon Univar Solutions to offer a wide selection of products that can help you formulate for any end use applications.

    + Base Oil - naphthenic or paraffinic mineral oils

    Hynap® San Joaquin, Calpar™ Calumet

    + Solvent

    Dowanol™ Dow, Glycols, LVP VOC Exempt Solvents, ISOPAR® Exxsol™ Exxon, Steposol® Stepan

    + Amines


    + Emulsifiers

    Fatty Acid Amide - Alkamide® Solvay, Purton™ Zschimmer & Schwarz, Alcohol Ethoxylates/Alkoxylates - Rhodasurf®, Lubrhophos®, Antarox®, Genapol® Solvay, Tergitol™, Distilled Tall Oil - Sylvatal™

    + Corrosion Inhibitor

    Amine Carboxylates - Hostacor Clariant, Specialty Corrosion Inhibitors - Hostaphat®, Hostacor® Clariant, Wintrol® Wincom, SACI® Daubert, Rhodafac® Solvay, Calcium Sulfonates - Tectyl® Daubert, OLOA® Chevron Oronite, Sodium Sulfonates - SACI® Daubert

    + Chelants

    EDTA Versene™ Dow, GLDA Biopure®, Phosphonates Dequest® Italmatch and Briquest® Solvay

    + Viscosity Modifier

    Polyacrylates - Alcogum® Akzo & Calamide® Pilot

    + Wetting Agents/Dispersant Surfactant

    ECOSURF™ LFE-635 Dow, Acrylates - Alcosperse® & Alcoguard® Akzo, EO/PO Tergitol™ Dow and Rhodasurf® Solvay, Ethoxylates/Alkoxylates - Tergitol™ and Triton™ Dow, Rhodasurf® and Genapol® Solvay, Fluorosurfactants - Masurf® Pilot

    + Inorganics

    Sulfuric acid, Phosphoric acid, Caustic Soda, Caustic Potash, Silicates, Citrates, Phosphates, hydrochloric acid

    + Defoamer

    UCON™ HB Series Dow, Tergitol™ 17R2 and 17R4 Dow, Silcone based - Xiameter™ and Dowsil™ Dow Silicones - Non-Silicone - Dowsil™, Rhodaline® Solvay and SUPPRESSOR® Hydrite, EO/PO Tergitol™ Dow and Rhodasurf® Solvay

    + Biocide

    Microbiocides - BUSAN® Buckman and Onyxide® Stepan, Biodispersants - BSC® Buckman


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